Truly Goan and proud to be so! That would be the feel one would experience when one steps into the Allegria, the Goan speciality, fine-dining restaurant at the Taj Exotica. The ambience reflects the dining room of a traditional Goan home and serves an electic mix up some authentic Goan Portuguese items. The emphasis is on cooking techniques passed from generation to generation in families, and the chef’s have sourced out these preparations for your delight. One can dine inside in air-conditioned comfort and appreciate the old-world architecture to the place or sit in the alfresco area with the sea front a little away down the lawns.

They serve all the classic Goan dishes like Chicken Cafreal, Pork Sorpotel and Kullanche Mass Kottnim, which is crab meat in a shell, Nistiachi Koddi, which is your Fish Curry Rice. Seafood lovers should try the Goan Stuffed Fish and the tiger prawns. For vegetarians we recommend Goan-Portuguese Caldin de Verdura, a mildly flavoured vegetable stew-curry, or the Saraswat Thali – Goan Hindu style combo-meal. The signature preparations are the Lamb Vindaloo and Prawn Balchao – a must try. Lets make note of a few signature dishes – the Prawn Balchao and the Lamb Vindaloo. They serve imported Portuguese wines to go with the incredible food. A meal here is best enjoyed in a leisurely way and is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry. Even Goans come here for Goan food.

0832 6683333/ 2771234
Taj Exotica, Calwaddo, Benaulim, Goa