Alyssa Vaz


In the lush green backdrop of Cortalim, Goa, Alyssa Vaz, a masterful portrait artist and photographer, is crafting a narrative that goes beyond the canvas. Her journey is a symphony of self-taught brilliance, where every stroke and snapshot tells a tale of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of art in its purest form.

Artistic Beginnings

Alyssa’s tryst with art began in the simplicity of childhood, where pencils and crafts filled the hours where most children her age were glued to cartoon shows. For Alyssa, the likes of M.A.D. and Art Attack were the windows to a world of endless creativity. It was here, in the quiet aftermath of school days and within the freedom of vacations, that her hands began to move in rhythm with her imagination. A moment that stands out in her memory is when she sketched her father’s aunt in the tranquillity of an afternoon nap, a first portrait that laid the foundation for her future in artistry.

The Portrait’s Call

Initially, her canvas was graced only with pencil sketches until a friend’s request opened the doors to portrait painting. The challenge turned into a cascade of requests for wedding portraits, family commemorations, and beloved pets, marking her transition from hobbyist to professional.

Influences and Inspirations

Alyssa’s artistic influences are as diverse as they are profound. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest serve as her modern-day muses, while the hyper-realistic portraits of Marco Grassi ignited the spark to elevate her craft during her biotechnology studies. Self-learning through trial and error has not only honed her skills but also shaped her into a relentless perfectionist, always striving for the next level of excellence.

The Creative Odyssey

The path from conception to completion of a portrait is a sacred ritual for Alyssa. She often takes on the somber task of immortalising those who have passed away, merging photographs to craft a single, cohesive memory. Her dual talent as a photographer aids immensely in this, allowing her to pre-visualize the final outcome, ensuring that the end product is not just seen but felt.

The Soul of Portraiture

For Alyssa, portraiture is an intimate dialogue between the artist and the subject. Her goal is to capture the essence of individuality, focusing on unique features that tell the person’s story. Each portrait carries with it a sentimental value, a moment frozen in time, and a story that lends the artist a sense of purpose.

The Joy of Paint Parties

Extending her art to the community, Alyssa’s paint parties are events where creativity flows as freely as the paints. These gatherings, which began with family and friends, are her way of demystifying the process of painting, revealing to every participant their own hidden potential.

Navigating Artistic Challenges

The life of a full-time artist is one of both beauty and struggle. Managing the business end while staying true to the creative process can be daunting. Deadlines, social media engagement, and the pursuit of perfection often lead to burnout. Alyssa’s remedy is to seek solace in nature, family, and occasional getaways that rejuvenate her spirit.

Expanding Horizons

Alyssa’s reach as an artist has transcended the Goan shores, courtesy of social media. Instagram became her global gallery, attracting clients from across continents and paving the way for her international presence. Her advice to fellow artists dreaming of global recognition is to stay authentic and embrace the unique.

The Artistic Entrepreneur

Balancing the scales between art and commerce, Alyssa has fine-tuned her approach to the business of art. She found her niche in portrait paintings, leveraging social media to attract clientele while also engaging with the community through events like pop-up bazaars and art competitions.

Future Endeavours and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Alyssa is keen to explore the burgeoning trend of live painting at weddings, inspired by artists like Maggie Smith Kuhn. She also envisions hosting workshops and paint parties to foster a love for art in others.

A Message to Aspiring Artists

Alyssa’s journey is a testament to the belief that following one’s dreams, regardless of the path, can lead to fulfilment. Her encouragement to aspiring artists is to remain steadfast, find one’s niche, and commit wholeheartedly to the craft.

A Personal Tapestry

At 26, Alyssa’s life is a rich mosaic of experiences. With a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology, her artistic and photographic endeavours are reflections of her introspective nature. The lockdown period became an unexpected catalyst for her art, transforming her life and career in ways she never imagined. Through her journey, Alyssa has learned to embrace the unpredictable nature of life, finding solace in the belief that everything happens for a reason.