The Grand Dam(e)s of Goa part 2 – the Anjunem Keri Dam

Recently, we talked about the Selaulim Dam in Sanguem, South Goa. Now it’s time to focus on North Goa’s Anjunem Keri Dam in Sanquelim. This is yet another enchanting spot to visit if you want a change from the beaches of Goa. Sanquelim, also known as Sankhali, is approximately 30 kilometers (an hour away) from Panjim by car. The Anjunem Keri dam lies another 10 – 12 kilometers beyond the town.

The beautiful view from the Anjunem Keri dam leaves visitors with a feeling of peace and serenity.
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The Anjunem Keri dam

This particular dam is also known as the Anjunem Project. The dam is located on the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway leading to the Chorla Ghats. The easiest way to get there is by road. You can even take a Belgaum-bound bus and get off en-route.

The dam is surrounded by hills, close to one of Goa’s highest peaks, Vagheri hill. The views are picturesque and soothing, with everything covered in lush greenery. It is yet another place that allows you get away from not just the hectic city life but Goa’s other tourist spots.


Just like the Selaulim dam, it’s a great place to visit with the family. A perfect picnic spot, one might say. The forest department accommodation at the dam also allows you to stay overnight if that’s what you wish to do. Additional stay options include irrigation department rest homes constructed over the dam and also a private eco-resort (Wildernest Nature Resort) in the Chorla Ghat. Both offer comfortable accommodation facilities for visitors looking to stay longer. 

Best time to visit is the during the monsoon season to get the full effect of the dam at work. Visitors are also welcome during the rest of the year too.

An irrigation project that serves the masses

The Anjunem Keri dam was completed in 1989. Owing to the undulating topography of the district of Goa and limited availability of cultivable area, there was a need to ensure maximum production of food grains from available land.

The Anjunem Irrigation Project is a medium irrigation project. It is a Gravity Masonry dam, with a maximum height of 42.8 m. (140 ft) above the deepest bed level. The length of the dam runs a total of 176.00 m. (577.28 ft). For more in-depth information about this dam, check out the Department of Water Resources, Government of Goa.

Visiting the Anjunem Keri dam

As mentioned before, there is accommodation available near the dam. To book the Government Guest House, an application has to be made to the Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department. It is best to do this much in advance as it takes a while to get confirmation.

The address to make the application reads as:
Chief Engineer,
Water Resources Department
2nd Floor, Junta House (Annex)
18th June Road, Panaji, Goa
Telephone – +91 832 2223506 / 2225911

Another important note to make is that anyone wishing to visit the Anjunem Keri dam has to have a visitor’s pass. The guards will not allow anyone in if they do not have this pass. Applications for the entry pass must be made to the same address as above. Call them on the telephone nos.for more information if necessary.

Information credit – Goa Tourism Travels/ Department of Water Resources


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