Catch the music with the aroma and flavours of some good Goan curries…Families rejoice,if you are looking for some great times together,then Aquamarine Bistro & Bar is just the place for you.Drive down to the very end-near the Baga land’s end great view,open space and a sing along Karaoke is available for you throughout the day,Although the venture has been there for a while,Stephen the new manager,is at his affable best,and the homely feel lingers on for a long time.Climb up a flight of steps and the huge open space with a central bar invites you to let your hair down.Space for dancing,singing,joie de vie.Only you have to make it happen.

For some serious food tasting move over to the balcony/deck,the view is magical.On one side the Bage creek with fishing boats tied along the bank,on the other side the wide expanse of the sea.You can sit for hours just letting the breeze lull you into a state of bliss.There is no need of fans out here….nature takes care of it all….As with all tourist places,the menu is a mix of cuisines and this case languages too(Russian and English).Don’t let that faze you for the chef has a few special ingredients up his sleeve for tasty Goan preparations.The Prawn Kodi rice is a must order.The Crab Xacutti will tantalize and tease as you crack them open.Don’t forget to slurp a little of that Xacutti with the silver of meat to get the real feel.And no cutlery please,you will be doing injustice to the preparation.

There is a variety of other preparations too…the Sorpotel,Chicken Xacutti,Cafreal Vindaloo. The Rich Pocket is one preparation to be savoured Chicken Breasts stuffed with mushroom and cheese.A rich taste indeed and quite light on the pocket too.For desserts the brownies are good,the Malai Kulfi tends to get crystallized by the repeated power fluctuations.The open are near the bar is great for a family/group sing song and joie de vie.They have retained the old Goan way of enjoyment…which is great if families are looking for some great fun,good food and a great feeling which will keep them rocking throughout the week.


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