Are Goans really lazy?

Some people say Goans are really lazy. Everybody knows about the fun- loving, peaceful side of Goans, what they don’t see is the toiling that goes into achieving it.  Hakuna matata (no worries) is the life’s mantra around here. Content with what they have and a more relaxed approach to life is what makes Goa a unique place. But the ground reality differs, as many people work hard every day only to party even harder later.

Over the years, Goans have often been termed as lazy. So, how much of is it true? Well for starters, let’s clear one of the biggest misunderstandings that people from other states have about Goa, ‘susegad’ does not mean lazy.

The term ‘susegad’ originated from the Portuguese term ‘sossegado’, which translates as serene, silent, peace loving, sober- blooded, quiet etc. There is no mention of lazy, is there?


Yes, Goans are more relaxed compared to others. But it is because they are more content with what they have. There is no rush here, but that does not mean they aren’t dynamic.

Many Goans work abroad on oil-rigs, cruise ships, hospitality sectors etc. These job profiles require toiling everyday for long hours. Of course they are paid well for all their hard work. Hence, the reason why these Goans when returned home, make sure they have fun. A fair thing to do after months of seperation from the family.

It is not only the people who are abroad that work hard. But, the people living in the state also have to struggle to earn their daily bread. Goa is the land of plenty, many occupations are available for the locals to pursue. Farming, fishing, industry, hospitality are some of the sectors they engage in. None are easy as they require a special set of skills needed to perform them.


Motorcycle taxi, also known as ‘Pilot’ are unique to Goa.

There are two sides to each Goan as there are to a coin. Goans work their fingers to the bones earning a living to fill their bellies. But, after they have earned enough they don’t mind resting or enjoying. What’s wrong in doing that?

Goa is the land of blessed beauty and Goans don’t shy away from enjoying it. So, yes learn a thing or two from these folks. Get out of the ‘rat race’ to live a more quiet and simple life. Goans certainly have.

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