A walk down memory lane;that is what is created. While Carina Ruella wields the culinary daulo,the back of the house support is given by her sister Carla. One cannot but notice the passion in restoring the memories of the past, photographs of Goa as far back as 1888.Step onto the open air deck and imagine yourself in a canoe on the river-that is what A’tona means,a canoe.The Tables are a mix of casual recycled trendy shaped mango tree and formal restaurant seating.Although the deck is a popular choice;choose to sit in the indoor restaurant,its fine dining ambience and red cemented floors would take you back to sala of old.The menu has delved into the cuisine right out of their grandmother’s kitchen.A pick of old Portuguese Favourites interspersed with the popular Goan ones.

Start with the Canja de Galinha(the popular chicken soup).But hold your horses,whisper that you have penchant for the Chorisco(Goan Sausages)and Carina will flavour the soup for you.Another favourite is the Salade de Atum(Tune fish salad with egg,potato,onion,in homemade mayo).The menu has a choice of bakes,grills or Goan. Try but the Teesroi Xacutti…one is normally accustomed to a Chicken Xacutti but Teersroi’s rule that curry pot.The Rosache Ooman (Umand),that thick coconut milk gravy strained through the musin cloth with spices ingredients and prawns added at right intervals so that it does nor curdle-smooth.An olden day must on dining tables with Tik Umand. Mix it up with a choice of either Ukedia Xitt or boiled rice.

Try another favourite-the Cauliflower and Prawn Temperad. One can have it vegetarian without the prawns too.Not for those who like the spiced Goan Curries,but right form Dona’s kitchen.Traditional tea time sweets served as dessert-the Godshem. Try the Sabhudana and Vermiceli Loaded with cashew nuts in a thick coco-jaggery mix.The girls have studied the local flavours- preparations where the Portuguese-Goan food is concerned,it’s a treat from the past.


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