Atrium is the lobby bar at Ramada Caravela Beach Resort. It’s an experience of a kind to sit here with a drink and marvel at the majestic design of the resort. It gives the feel of being in a vast cathedral with a lofty , vaulted ceiling with beams . The resort has been designed by the same group that created the marvelous Sun City in South Africa, among other locations. This is on one side of the lobby, with access to the lower levels alongside, so it’s a good place to sit and watch people. The waterfall in the middle of one side as you go down makes merry splashing sounds. There’s music playing in the background too. The bar is well-stocked with all kinds of spirits and wines, besides cocktails and mocktalis, but the rates are also a little on the higher side. The cocktails to try here are Caravela Paradise, Margarita, Daiquiri and Pina Colada.

The popular mocktails to order are Fruit Fantasy, Ranada Cooler, Vam Bam Shake and imponderable Vegetable Pakora, Fish Fingers, Chicken Tikka and Crunchy Fried Prawns are good starters. Come here if you are not particularly bothered about the money you are spending to get a good experience.

0832 6695000/ 6695066
Ramada Caravela Beach Resort, Varca Beach, Goa.


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