Located in the Latin Quarter of Panaji,just by the creek this is the local man’s hangout. Avanti meaning welcome in Italian has managed to retain the old look and its traditional belief of serving Portuguese Goan food for nearly three decades.It was a kind of a coffee shop in Goa,when starred hotels had not made the coffee shop concept popular.It was a place where people would drop in for a chat followed by a meal This restaurant serves all the Goan specialties.Take the case of the Prawn Balchao-Ovita Prepares the mixture(balchao masala) by fermenting the galmo(prawn larva)with their home made spirit. It is then allowed to mature.

Rawa Fried Prawns,Stuffed Squid (the squid is stuffed with a preparation of stuffed squid,prawns and onions) Gratinated Stuffed Crab Masala(the filling of green masala with onions,tomatoes and home made spice)they are recipes to be treasured.For mains the Goan Curry with the home pickle,the peri peri and the Vindalho. Polish off the curries with rice its home made and tasty.This is no frill restaurant a reminder of what these small restaurant used to be in the past.


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