The water ripples amidst lush greenery… in the distance a majestic ‘centuries’ old church stands illuminated in the darkness. Live entertainment to stir your senses and chef’s busy on the grill stirring up the hunger pangs as they go about their business. This is the Barbeque and Grill at the Fortune Select Regina. Just like the name a khazana of grills and seafood specialties await you by the poolside. It’s a choice of the fresh catch of the day which can be prepared on the grill or clay over; and with the traditional Goan spices. From a simple grilled seafood platter, the chefs spice up the preparations to encompass the Peri Peri Masala as well as the kebabs a/a Indian like the Kakori Kebab, Motia Kebab or the Chicken Tikka Kali Mirch. A taste of the ‘Bukhara’ flavor is to be savoured. But there is a ‘ first of its kind’ at this place too Specialty of a seafood bazaar in season by the poolside, with unlimited seafood and choice of preparations along with a fun filled dances and a bazaar to keep one entertained.

The concept is an unlimited sea food buffet, but liquor would be as per consumption. Fisherwomen sit with their fresh catch in their baskets. Shop along to your heart’s content and get it prepared the way you like it. As your meal is sizzling on the grill, watch the local dancers work their magic with their intricate steps and their song. The catchy music will definitely entice you to take the prepared seafood and feast to your heart’s desire. It is a ‘fortune’ of sorts with food, music and entertainment (the evening is then followed by a DJ setup at the Nostradamus)… perhaps one might call it a Khazana Perhaps for the fortunate few who happen to be there.P.S:Seafood Bazaar is held twice on week on Mondays and Wednesdays.


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