Infinite…boundless, endless, innumerable are the adjectives that come to one mind when seafood at the Bay View Lounge. First the view…it offers guests a stunning view towards the bay over an infinity mirror pond. And the amazing water feature…the one located in a central point of the grand lobby Infinity again. Order a Cranberry & Orange Mojito (White Rum, fresh oranges, cranberry juice and mint) or a Ginger Cosmos (Vodka, fresh ginger, cranberry juice, lime juice and sugar syrup)…the mixes will tempt you to order again and again…infinite (innumerable) times. Or chose from the wide selection of beverages spirits or otherwise (including international teas and coffees). The lounge’s bay view is spectacular during the day or at night. Nibble on a Spinach, Blue Cheese and Bacon Tart or a Smoked Turkey Ciabatta with brie cheese, tomato and salad leaves, the influx of flavors will leave infinite (boundless) musings as you try to unravel the mystery of the flavors. Infinite…that would be the number of times would visit the lounge after a very first experience.

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