Beach wedding venues to check out in Goa for the perfect reception


Goa. It’s always been one of the foremost and loveliest tourist destinations in India. And it is also the favorite place to get married in. Whether people live here or come in from other places, Goa is a fantastic wedding destination with some great wedding venues to get married at. A lot of people prefer the beach to the regular wedding venues but even then, none of these lose their charm and are still very sought after. In fact, a lot of them need to be reserved at least a year in advance if not more. And with the wedding season beginning for 2018, it’s time to check out some of the best venues for a wedding in Goa.

Spoilt for choice with these beach wedding venues

Let’s face it, people come to Goa for her beaches. The same goes for Goa’s residents that love the beaches that they often plan to hold their own weddings at beachside venues. In the past, due to various social constraints and family pressure, weddings were often held in more formal settings. However, today’s youth prefer to make these events fun for everyone and in doing so, pick beach venues. Let’s check out a few venues that are located almost on the beach that people are choosing, not just for weddings but for any kind of outdoor function.

Montego Bay Beach Village

Montego Bay Beach Village is actually a small beach resort located on the serene Morjim beach. It’s only open seasonally and runs between October and May, which coincidentally, is wedding season in Goa as well. With accommodation, food, and drinks as well as a lawn area that can hold up to 500 people for a small wedding party, it’s one of Goa’s best places to hold such an event. Guests may even book the whole resort so that no one is inconvenienced in the matter of traveling to the venue.

Prainha – Resort by the Sea

Prainha Resort, located in Dona Paula has a direct view of the beautiful Arabian Sea. This 45 room resort is far enough from the madding crowd to ensure that relaxation is a top priority. It is also one of the best places to host wedding receptions at. Couples usually opt for sunset weddings as these make for a gorgeous photo opportunity. The lawns aren’t very big but again, like Montego Bay Beach Village, they have the capacity to hold at least 500 guests if not more. This resort is also often taken up entirely in some cases where the wedding party is an NRI one.

Bay 15, Odxel

Bay 15 needs no introduction. In the last few years, Bay 15 is one of the most sought-after wedding venues with a fantastic view of the Zuari river and the Mormugao harbor. Sunsets are gorgeous at Bay 15 and it’s probably one of the most important reasons that people pick this particular venue to host their reception. There is ample space to host at least 1000 guests if not more and the catering is done in-house, serving up some pretty great food. And if people still want to continue the celebrations, Bay 15 even has an indoor restaurant that can be and has been utilized on multiple occasions for wedding after-parties.

La Cabana Beach Resort & Spa, Ashvem

Ashvem beach is another beach in North Goa that is pretty great. It’s also where La Cabana Beach Resort & Spa is located. La Cabana is yet another a fantastic place to celebrate the coming together of two hearts and souls. Sunset weddings happen regularly throughout the tourist season and it’s not just NRI families that choose this particular venue. Perfect for a small wedding of maybe 500 people, La Cabana’s service is known to be fantastic.

Zeebop by the Sea

While the places mentioned above are all in North Goa, one cannot forget about Zeebop by the Sea in Utorda, South Goa. This fantastic restaurant originally didn’t offer to host weddings but in the last few years, has quickly gained popularity as a beautiful reception venue. Smaller than the other venues mentioned in this post, Zeebop can accommodate not more than 300 – 500 people comfortably. With a fantastic ambiance and catering options, it’s not difficult to see how everyone that wants a beach wedding, ultimately chooses Zeebop.

Additional information

These venues, along with others, also offer packages to people looking to host receptions. These could include the decor, the food as well as accommodation packages. Of course, it’s important to note that the same permissions that would be required to hold weddings in a formal venue are required here too. In case of beach weddings that happen at beachside resort properties, there would be a cut off time for how long the reception can go on for. This actually applies to any outdoor venue across Goa. Music would have to be shut in most cases or turned down in order to not disturb the public. For more information, click on the links below to connect with someone from any of these particular venues.

Montego Bay Beach Village –

Prainha – Resort by the Sea –

Bay 15 –

La Cabana Beach Resort & Spa –

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