‘A beating with shoes’ for  traffic offenders – Is that what Goa needs?

According to top cop, Muktesh Chander, Goa does seem to have traffic offenders who repeatedly break the rules. “Such people should be beaten with shoes, they should be fined. They should be prosecuted multiple times, only then they will understand.”

goa traffic offenders
Dr. Muktesh Chander, Goa’s Director General of Police Pic Credit: Goa Police

“If they still do not understand, then their driving license should be cancelled.  ‘Laathon ke bhoot, baaton se nahin maanate‘ (people who don’t understand reason, only kicks will help), using a harsh Hindi idiom, Mr. Chander went on to add.

Has this method been used in any other state before? Why Goa? “ Is it necessary to punish traffic offenders by ‘kicks and blows’ as Mr. Chander implies?


Launching a traffic awareness drive on Monday, Director General of Police, Muktesh Chander said, “You have seen this person park below a no-parking zone sign. Did he not see a no-parking sign? What awareness is needed for him?”

“As you can see, in Panaji, there is a serious problem of parking on footpaths. Shopkeepers have put up their shops on the footpath, one can hardly walk safely on these footpaths,” he said. “There is haphazard parking even on the carriageway, blocking the traffic and also causing a traffic hazard,” Mr. Chander said.

Information credit: NDTV

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