Become the next Goan idol!

Do you aspire to become a singer, but missing a touch of flair? Here are a few institutes training vocalist.

Goans are very talented in the field of music. In addition, singing plays an important role in Goa. Several institutes in the state have recognized this talent and have taken up the initiative to start programmes to train youth to develop their voice at a young age.

Very recently Museum of Goa (MoG) organised a workshop called ‘Soul Harmony’ for people of all ages to develop the ability to access the resonance of their own voice. This made me realise how pivotal workshops like these are for talented youth aspiring to get into the music industry. However, there are a very few reputed institutes in Goa dedicated to training  young singers. So which are the institutes looking to successfully launch the next nightingale of Goa?


I have divided these reputed music institutes in North and South of Goa:

1. North Goa

Goa College of Music, Panjim

Affiliated by the Goa University, Graduate and Post Graduate degree are offered. Established in 1987, with two hostels and six teaching staff, the college has created a platform for their students to learn the ability to control their voice, resonance and other essentials required to become a memorable vocalist.

Other institutes include Taught to Teach (also called as Tatote) based in Mapusa. Apart from training vocalists, they also provide training in various musical instruments. Aarti Sinha in Porvorim, train singers to make the best use of their vocal chords. However the Goa College of Music is a degree course and is highly spoken off.

2. South Goa

Savio Music Academy, Vasco Da Gama

Savio’s Music Academy is a music school with a difference. He trains his students to qualify in several established Music Institution grades – both in classical and interestingly in popular music like Rock, Pop and other genres. His students also have the option to appear for grade exams, recognised by the Trinity College of Music for classical as well as Rock and Pop. Savio Noronha believes that one should savour the beauty of music, the soft and delicate sounds of instruments and percussion. He abhors the loud banging sounds, where volume is equated to quality.

Apart from Savio’s Music Academy, Saschea Design Studio, Ponda teaches Indian classical singing and classical instruments like the sitar and tabla.  Pranam Foundation also located in Ponda trains their students in singing, dancing and instruments.

These are the institutes I have heard about through friends and relatives, however if you own an institute with good musical training, let us know in the Comment Box below.




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