Belgavi Police trace Rs. 2.7 crore fortune to Goa

In a major breakthrough, the Belgavi  (Belgaum) Police  arrested two members of an inter-state gang linked to a series of car thefts in Goa. The police seized a total of 37 cars and jeeps, valued at over Rs. 2 crore, which were stolen from Goa.

According to the Belgavi police, the gang were even able to get fake documents made from the Regional Transport Offices (RTO) in Goa and Belgavi before selling the cars in Belgavi. Toyota Innovas, Scorpios and Maruti Swifts dominated the list of cars stolen. The lot consisted mainly of recently purchased cars.

The accused sold most of the cars to people from Belgavi and surrounding areas. The Belgavi police stated that the gangs network wires down to Goa which some ‘unknown persons’ are behind. The cars were reportedly sold between Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 5,00,000.


This arrest comes as a great relief to Goans as it had become increasingly unsafe to park cars on roads especially at night.

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