Best Time To Visit Goa Hands Down – June The Monsoon Madness


One of the major attractions of Goa has to be its seashore and think about how charming sight it would be to witness the seaside soaking in rain. The beauty of Goa receives higher at some point of monsoon and as Goa is on the Konkan coast of India, it rains a lot over there and you in reality want to go to Goa in June or July. The wet season normally starts evolved in late May and extends up to September. The whole area is wealthy in herbal beauty, included with a cover of dense greenery and the sound of the wave. Monsoon is the first-class time to go to Goa as you wouldn’t discover too many humans to disturb your sanity and on pinnacle of that, Goa weather in June makes the best time to visit. As monsoon is viewed as the ‘off-season’, you will effortlessly discover your self some true deal when it comes to discovering resorts or inns proper close to the beach. However, there is lots greater to find out about this lovely place, and right here we are giving an account of all the fascinating reasons why you ought to go to Goa in Monsoon. 

Here’s some hands-on data that will assist you make the most out the best time to visit Goa.  

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Best time to visit Goa – June 

While the long hot summer comes to an end as the month of June elapses, the parched Earth cools down with the heavy downpour that follows.  
It is said that June brings out an altogether different side to Goa. The statement couldn’t have been truer. With lush greenery blooming up as far as the eye can see, the monsoons bring out the unseen views of Goa that are usually absent during the summers.  
The springs become active and the waterfalls start gushing with stronger currents of water. While we encourage you to explore Goa during monsoons, we would also like to advise you to spend your time indoors on those days when strong winds & heavy rains take over the state. Overall, there’s just something else about experiencing monsoons in Goa and the end of June is the best time for it.  

June, Goa & Your wallet! There couldn’t have been a better match 

Trust us when we say this, your wallet will be the happiest if you plan on spending June in Goa. With a great drop in tourists comes a greater drop in prices.  
And this is the time you can make the most out of it. From flights to hotels and even local markets, expect massive discounts everywhere that you otherwise wouldn’t have even have dreamt of during the peak season. In fact, there’s a chance you might get a big bang for your buck at some of the luxury hotels and resorts. The low influx of tourists is just an added bonus because of which you can pretty much expect all hotels to be unoccupied. 

What can you do in Goa during June? 

Goa has ample empty beaches to stroll. So, expect the otherwise popular beaches to be pretty uninhabited during this time of the year. For once in your life, you can have the beach to yourself; the ocean to yourself.  Run towards the water as the first wave hits your ankles and then rush back to avoid the undercurrent. Stop and see a lone crab struggling against the water as it tries to burrow in. Then walk back to wash the sand off your feet and look back to see your footsteps getting washed away by the high tides. 

PS: DO NOT SWIM. The current is very unpredictable at this time of the year. And never forget an umbrella no matter where you head to.  

Nightlife during monsoon in Goa 

Goa is the paradise for party lovers and even during monsoon, you wouldn’t get bored if you are in Goa. As a matter of fact, monsoon is considered as the best season for party people as Goa temperature in monsoon makes it easier for them to groove all night long. Mambo’s and Tito’s are some places you will find the maximum crowd enjoying the party vibe to the fullest. If you are a retro music lover, you may find a suitable cafe near the Baga beach, and In Candolim, there is hip Cohiba Bar and Kitchen that arrange live music which is a true pleasure to watch. The nightlife in Goa during this season looks more vibrant and soothing at the same time because of all these features and ambiance. 

Attend Goa’s favourite June festival – The Sao Joao 

Also known as feast of St John the Baptist, The Sao Joao festival is an integral part of Goa’s Portuguese heritage. It is held in the beginning of monsoon season every year. This holiday is quite an auspicious and awaited one in the North Goa.  The Sao Joao festival is celebrated exactly 6 months before the birth of Jesus i.e., on the 24th of June every year. Popular mostly among youngsters in villages, get ready to experience good vibes only. The most unique thing about this fest is where people wear crowns made of fruits and leaves called ‘kopels’ as a part of the traditions. 

Don’t be startled if you see people jumping into a well or any kind of a pool of water. That’s the most fun part of Sao Joao in Goa. Because, YOLO.  

Boat festivities are a norm in the village of Siolim during Sao Joao festival. Anyone can join the multi-various activities during the day such as ‘kopel’ making competitions. 

Expect a grand feast at the end of all the festivities. Because that’s kind of a highlight too. 

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Feast with the locals at the Sangodd Festival in Goa 

The Sangodd tradition is celebrated annually by the fishing community across the northern coast of Goa on June 29th. A morning church service is followed by a large feast, during which plays, folk dances and songs are performed. 

In the village of Candolim, rafts slowly make their way along the river up to the Chapel of St Peter. The festival has a legacy that dates back to the Portuguese invasion of Goa. In a carnival-esque atmosphere, colourful rafts are created by the people and a massive procession takes place, followed by an elaborate feast. The enthusiasm of the locals is alluring and makes this carnival is a must-attend, during the monsoon’s rains. 

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Best time to visit Goa: Cheap accommodations 

June is that time of the year in Goa when you can pretty much expect to get into some luxury resort at minimal costs. While some of the seasonal hotels and shacks close down during this time because of monsoons, most of the other resorts away from the sea or with sea view still remain open. And available to stay at the lowest possible rates.  

So, consider dropping the idea of staying in some muddy, mosquito-infested shack and just relax in the balcony of your resort instead while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.  
That’s right. With next to no tourists around, watching the downpour is as relaxing as taking a walk on the beach in rainy months. You could even hire a villa, or stay in one of those inns or lodges close to the villages and green hinterlands. The picturesque surroundings of paddy fields and small streams will make it worthwhile. 

June – The perfect time for a road trip to Ghats in Goa 

This one has to go into your bucket list for Goa right away. All you need is a rented car/bike and some hunger for adventure. Wherever you are, when it drizzles or once the rains subside for the day, drive up any of the ghats in and around Goa – Amboli, Anmod or Chorla.  
The choice is yours. The Sheer joy of driving on misty roads under cascades of water in Amboli or the lovely valleys of Anmod ghat and Chorla Ghat with small little outpourings along the roads, is beyond words. Drive up to the tallest point and return back. We bet you won’t regret it. Utmost caution is necessary during the drive as the roads can be pretty dangerous and slippery due to the showers.