Beyond the call of duty – Curchorem Traffic Police


Traffic police personnel and home security guards at Curchorem Police Traffic Cell recently undertook a mission to make the roads safer for motorist.

Hiring the necessary tools and implements, a group lead by Traffic Officer Edwin Colaco trimmed the roadside vegetation from Curchorem – Sanguem road that was blocking the vision and posing a threat to motorist.

Utilizing motorized weed cutters, koitas and other tools, the team successfully cleared a stretch of 2.5 km of road. Motorist used to the everyday scene of traffic cops directing vehicles, were quite amused to see the officials trimming the vegetation along the street.

“Quick growth of vegetation and wild shrubs along the road sides, especially during the monsoon, is quite common, but very dangerous as well. These shrubs intrude on the road, and in order to avoid contact with the same, motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, prefer to ride on the extreme side of the road. At sharp curves, they could unknowingly collide with oncoming vehicles. Shrubs further obscure the visibility of road users on near-blind curves and are potential hazards and sure cause of accidents,” said Officer Edwin Colaco.

Edwin said that communicating with the PWD to undertake the task and to ensure its execution would have taken a long time. However, hiring a weed cutter machine for a few hours and engaging the police personnel to take up this activity did not cost him much.

“We have done our bit to keep the motorists safe on the road and will continue to take such measures in the interest of safety of all road users,” said Edwin.