Bird Watching in Goa Without Any Droppings On The Windshield


Bird watching in Goa is our favourite pastime. We see birds everywhere – in the fields at the back of our home, in the villages no far from us, on islands simply a ferry journey away, the backwaters, and in the jungles of the Goan heartlands. Not to forget the ones who come to our balcony and on coconut timber in our building. 

Here are some of the top places for bird watching in Goa 

Carambolim Lake 

Situated behind the Karmali Railway Station, Carambolim Lake is a quiet lake that birds love. You can see birds in hordes. In thousands, they are sitting on the edges of the lake like they are there for a conference or a big celebration. 

Tip – Step into the fields around Carambolim lake to look for many other birds. Do not forget to ask the field owners before you step in. 

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Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you’re in south Goa, this sanctuary is the place for bird-watching. Some of the rarest bird species are noticed right here such as the Ceylon frogmouth, Malabar trogon and white-bellied woodpecker. Also, on account that it’s positioned close to Dudhsagar Falls you can add a couple a trek alongside exploring the park. 

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Curtorim and Maina Villages 

Imagine a thin strip of coconut tree-lined road going through wide fields on both sides with a backdrop of hills. This is Maina village near Curtorim in South Goa. This is birding heaven in the state. You have to look at fields on either side or on the wires running up, you will be spoilt for choice. 

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Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary 

Away from the popular seashores or foremost cities of Goa, this sanctuary is a declared world biodiversity hotspot. That’s due to the fact it’s domestic to globally threatened species such as Nilgiri wood-pigeon, Malabar parakeet, hair-crested drongo, Malabar gray hornbill, grey-headed bulbul, rufous babbler, white-bellied blue-flycatcher, crimson-backed sunbird and blue-faced malkoha. 

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Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary 

Another one in South Goa, this sanctuary is recognized for its meandering streams, cascading waterfalls, and dense tall trees.  
Wildlife enthusiasts can both walk through the park or make their way to the watchtower to spot some of the loveliest bird’s species such as the white-bellied woodpecker, heart-spotted woodpecker, white-eyed eagle, and the Malabar-crested eagle. 

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary 

This smallest wildlife sanctuary in Goa is the habitat of some of the most interesting bird varieties like the hair-crested drongo, the Malabar grey horn bull, and blue-faced malkoha.