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Bistros in North Goa To Chill With Some Light Meals And Sips

Bistros are nice places to hang out with friends and enjoy some nice light meals and drinks. For the uninitiated, a bistro is a small restaurant that serves moderately-priced meals in a modest setting. In Goa, there are many bistros, which are popular with both tourists as well as locals. Many of them are connected to hotels, bars, and pubs. They often serve cheaper, simplified menus or menus that are not tied to a specific cultural cuisine. Here’s a list of the best bistros in North Goa to hang out at with your friends.

Black Sheep Bistro, Panjim

The Black Sheep Bistro in Panjim (Image credit:


First on our list of the best bistros in North Goa to hangout at is the Black Sheep Bistro in Panjim. The place is located inside a narrow lane in a residential area. It is a nice hangout joint that serves decent food and drinks. The vibe of the restaurant is very young and happening!!

The bistro has a well-curated menu that has hints of Italy, Spain and South America as well as Amchem Goa. They have interesting and innovative dishes that are very tasty. The food here is lovely and is served in good portion sizes. 

For starters, you can try their bruschetta, which is like a mini-pizza, with the cheese melted on top. You can also try their fish cakes, Creole chicken and chorizo-pav, which are equally delicious. The bar at the bistro has a nice vibe. It offers a very good selection of beers, whiskies, cocktails, and mocktails as well as non-alcoholic drinks. It also has a television set showing live football. 

For the main course, you must try the Goan pesto crusted paneer and Hainanese rice with paneer. You will also enjoy the Goan pesto crusted fish. All the dishes served at the bistro are innovative, fresh and delicious. They also have a nice range of desserts on their menu. You can try the lip-smacking chocolate salami or the equally delicious strawberry dessert to end your meal on a sweet note. The staff over here is very friendly and helpful and the food prices are quite reasonable compared to other places in Goa.

Bistro Vagator  

Entrance to Bistro Vagator (Image Credit:

Next on our list of the best bistros in North Goa to hangout at is Bistro Vagator. Located in Vagator on the narrow road that leads to Ozran beach, Bistro Vagator is a nice all-day dining restaurant set in a beautiful green garden. The entrance t leads to the outdoor seating area, which is littered with cute table setups. The ambience is vibrant and the cool green outdoor area will certainly blow your mind. It is a perfect place to have a delicious meal with your loved one, be it a brekkie spot or for a co-working space.

Their wide menu serves pizzas, pasta, burgers, waffles, small plates, fruits, croissants and much more. For starters, you can try the peri – peri chicken wings, which are served with blue cheese sauce!

You must try their fungi pizza made of wild mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, red onions, garlic chips and olive oil. You can also try their pizza di polo, made of tiny bites of smoked chicken, jalapenos, olives and a combination of rocket cheese, parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.

They have a drinks menu that offers an awesome range of beers and wines as well as cocktails and mocktails to offer. You can try their plum caipirinha cocktail, made with a rum-based plum puree and the hazel walnut brownie frappe if you prefer something less sweet. They also have a nice range of delectable desserts. You must try their waffles with maple syrup, cream cheese and almond flakes. It is delicious and is sure to delight your taste buds.

Rasa Bistro, Palolem

Rasa Bistro at Palolem (Image Credit:

Last on our list of the best bistros in North Goa to hangout at is Rasa Bistro at Palolem. If you are looking for cheap drinks and great food in Palolem, Rasa Bistro is the place to go to. The bistro is located on the main Palolem beach road. The atmosphere at the bistro is very cool and the staff is very friendly. The place offers a wide variety of Goan, Indian and continental cuisines. Those looking to have a nice morning breakfast must try their English breakfast platter, which is very sumptuous and satisfying. The platter consists of bacon, sausages, eggs, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, beans with gravy, toast, butter, jam and a beverage such as coffee or tea.

They also have lockers where you can keep your belongings safe and go for a swim in the sea. This place is highly recommended if you are looking for a place near the beach with great food and a nice ambience. 

So, if you ever feel bored at home and want to liven up your spirits a bit, head down to one of the amazing bistros in North Goa and spend some much-needed quality time with your friends while enjoying some delicious food and drinks. Book your tables now!

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