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Blue Whale Game – a suicidal challenge

Once in, there's no way out

The Goa police on Thursday issued an advisory, particularly for parents of young children, on the Blue Whale  Game, an online suicidal game created by Philipp Budeikin which ultimately compels the person (usually young children) to commit suicide.

The Blue Whale Game can be accessed through various sites on the internet.  An  ‘administrator’ gets in touch with the person and befriends them extracting personal information.  The game stretches over a period of 50 days. During this period tasks are assigned to the individuals. Each task has to be photographed and sent to the ‘administrator’. The tasks are scary (like watching horror films) and painful, (like carving images of the Blue Whale on the body with a sharp object), causing self-harm. In case they try to leave a challenge, the administrator threatens them with exposure or harm to their family. On the 50th day, the final task is to commit suicide,

In all three suicide cases reported in India so far, tell-tale photographs, videos of committing suicide and self-inflicted wound marks were visible.

Blue Whale Challenge
Pic.Credit: HindustanTimes

The Blue Whale Game: What it is all about

Watching fearful videos is also part of the game. Recently this video surfaced on WhatsApp.




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