Borecha Kombucha

Borecha is Goa’s latest health-tea alternative to alcohol


If you’re not really a fan of alcohol or being the new year you’ve resolved to stay off the booze, then there really aren’t any alternatives that truly hit the spot. You could wrangle up a mocktail of sorts, but even that seems like a lot of work. But what if, in your quest to get healthy and detox, there was a drink that was fizzy, zesty, and best of all comes pre-mixed in as many as nine oddly satisfying flavours. A drink that revitalizes and repairs your system in a way that it sucks all the guilt out of going out for a couple? Well, that’s where the magic of kombucha comes in. Kombucha is a sweetened fermented tea that is all the rage in the western world, however, it never really took off on this side of the pond – until now. Enter Borecha, Goa’s take on kombucha.

Latambarcem BorechaGood tea for a good time

Borecha literally means ‘good tea’. It’s a combination of the Konkani words borem (good) and cha (tea). This exciting beverage was the brainchild of Aditya Ishan Varshnei and his brother Anish, owners of Latambarcem Brewers, Goa’s newest brewery. Aditya discovered the magic of kombucha while living and working in Manhattan, and when he eventually moved back home to Goa, he missed the drink so much, he decided to make his own. Since kombucha was virtually non-existent in the state, Aditya brought back the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) required to ferment the tea, and together with his brother Anish who is a trained chef, they decided to experiment and create their own version of the classic kombucha.

After numerous rounds of trials, they eventually perfected their base recipe. In fact, their recipe was so good, it surpassed the expectations of the toughest critics of all – friends and family. Not to rest on their laurels, the brothers decided to start scaling their business commercially, introducing various flavours, the first of which was a mango infused kombucha which was met with great success. Reflecting on the branding of the product, Aditya says, “Our bespoke recipes gave us the first-mover advantage in terms of scale and variety. This is when we started thinking about a name which would be befitting for our kombucha. Our creative team and agency hit gold when it thought of two aspects. This was good tea, healthy tea refreshing tea, an anytime drink and a companion at the bar and the gym and everywhere else. And since we are in Goa, the name that immediately struck was Bore-Cha, or simply good tea.”

Borecha Kombucha
Borecha is available in nine exciting flavours

A range of flavours to detox and delight

Borecha is slowly becoming available across Goa and is already on sale in all major supermarkets. You can find Borecha available in its classic form, along with flavours such as Mango, Roasted Coconut, Jasmine, Orange, Cola, and for the more adventurous lot, Guava Chilli, Rose Cardamom, and Pina Colada. Over and above the delightful range of flavours, however, what makes Borecha a must-try is the many health benefits that it brings. Gluconic and glucaric acid, generally found in fruits and vegetables is an important component of kombucha. It helps to bind and expel toxins from the body and boosts the efficiency of the liver by detoxifying the liver tract. The fermentation of the tea also may boost the efficiency of detoxification. In addition, Borecha aids in digestion, stimulates the immune system thanks to probiotics gleaned from the fermentation process, and helps in reducing cholesterol. It also helps in weight loss. Now if that doesn’t get you off your chair and reaching for a bottle, then nothing else will!

The great part about Borecha kombucha is that it’s non-alcoholic, and safe for kids (above 4 years old preferably) and pregnant women alike – albeit with a recommended consultation from a paediatrician and gynaecologist respectively. With only the highest quality Assam and Darjeeling teas sourced directly from organic sources, Borecha does not use any fresh juices keeping the beverage light and sugar-free, yay! Health benefits aside though if you do want to literally ‘shake things up’, Borecha is a great cocktail companion, mixing perfectly with clear spirits such as Gin, Vodka, Feni, and Rum.

So, are you convinced to get your health on? Grab a bottle and let us know what you think of Borecha by leaving a comment below. You can also hang out online with the good folks at Borecha on Facebook @fizzinggood and on Instagram @borecha.fizz.