Brace Yourselves for an Influx of Gamblers this Janmashtami

Residents of Rajkot, who enjoy gambling during Janmashtami will be making a beeline to the famous Gambling destinations of the East, namely Goa, Malaysia and Singapore, the weekend.   In India, Goa remains the most sought after destination especially for the people of Rajkot.

Janmashtami is celebrated the world over to mark the birth of Lord Krishna with the ‘Dahi handi’ or ‘Matka phodi’.

But the trend of gambling on this auspicious day is gaining significance and now-a-days even the ‘bhens’ are organising day long kitty parties with a twist.


Due to the lack of availability of trains and air tickets for Goa during the festive period, arrangements are being made by travel agencies for those traveling by car too! A travel agent from Rajkot states that Goa is the preferred destination as two casino owners in Goa hail from Rajkot.

Gambling during Janmashtami in Saurashtra is a tradition and is not considered a crime.

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