Breakfast in South Goa – Cafes, Delicacies, Service


The southern part of India’s sunshine state Goa attracts a lot of visitors just as North Goa does. The place receives a large number of footfalls from both tourists as well as locals. Both, the city as well as the villages of South Goa, are frequented by people, who visit the beautiful beaches, markets, shops, and various other tourist attractions. During their trip, many tourists who holiday in South Goa look for nice places to have a nutritious morning breakfast. Also, many locals who visit different places in South Goa look out for nice places to have a quick bite and refresh themselves, especially on a hot summer day.  Thankfully, South Goa is home to several clean restaurants and cafes, which offer breakfast as well as savouries and other baked items at reasonable prices. Let’s take a look at the best restaurants and cafes for breakfast in South Goa.

Village Square, Arrosim- Restaurant in South Goa

Starting the list of best cafes for breakfast in South Goa is Village Square Cafe. This cafe is housed within the premises of ITC Grand Goa Resort and Spa at Arossim. The ambience of this cafe is very luxurious. The cafe has a wide array of meals available along with a couple of live counters during each meal. They serve a variety of veg and non-veg dishes The cafe offers a very widespread breakfast buffet. The buffet is a mix of local and international breakfast dishes. They have their own in-house bakery where they make various delicacies such as cakes, puddings, croissants, and baguettes to name a few. Kids would love the dessert section with a long list of cakes, mousse, puddings, ice cream, jellies, marshmallows, halwas, fruit cakes etc. The staff are very courteous & service is prompt.

Rasa Bistro

Next on our list of best restaurants and cafes for breakfast in South Goa is Rasa Bistro. If you are looking for cheap drinks and great food in Palolem, Rasa Bistro is the place to go to. The bistro is located on the main Palolem beach road. The atmosphere at the bistro is very cool and the staff are very friendly. The place offers a wide variety of Goan, Indian and Continental cuisines. Those looking to have a nice morning breakfast must try their  English breakfast platter, which is very sumptuous and satisfying. The platter consists of bacon, sausages, eggs, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, beans with gravy, toast, butter, jam and a beverage such as coffee or tea.

They also have lockers where you can keep your belongings safe and go for a swim in the sea. This place is highly recommended if you’re looking for a place near the beach with great food and a nice ambience.

Mon Petit Frère, Colva

Mon Petit Frère is a small coffee house located in the heart of Colva. It is a small place with a few tables surrounded by palm trees. This place is perfect to enjoy a nice morning coffee along with some eggs and sandwiches. The place feels like your home where you can just enjoy lazing around amidst nature. Breakfast at Mon Petit Frère is a laidback and satisfying experience. Their Big Breakfast platter is by far the best one you will find anywhere in South Goa. It consists of 2 eggs (fried/scrambled), Goan chorizo, Bacon, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms with toast. The pancakes are the fluffiest you will ever come across! Served with a choice of lemon curd, honey, chocolate sauce, cream, they are totally divine. The coffee too is carefully brewed. You get a variety of cold brew/pour over/affogato, all done with meticulous flair. The place is a must-visit when in Colva.

Jaali Boutique and Café, Patnem

Last on our list of restaurants and cafes for breakfast in South Goa is the Jaali Café in Patnem. The cafe, which is a part of a clothes boutique, was set up in 2015. Six years down the line, this place has become a favourite on the southern coastal belt. They specialize in Mediterranean and Middle-eastern cuisine. For seafood lovers, their Pesce platter, comprising mackerel pate’, salt and pepper calamari prawn, coconut cauliflower tahini, served with pickle and chips is highly recommended. Their Latte Americano and Espresso Macchiato are the best coffee drinks one can ever find in South Goa.

So, if you do happen to feel a little bit hungry during your next visit to South Goa, drop in at one of these amazing cafes to have a nice breakfast or mid-day brunch. Bon Appetit!