It’s time to rejoice for Film makers in Goa


Launch of The Vinsan Academy of Film and media

Vinsan World is a two decade old organization with a strong background in creative and media space. They have launched The Vinsan Academy of Film and media. The academy was inaugurated by award winning film maker and producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali in the presence of other influential Goans earlier this month. The main objective for opening the academy was to pass on budding film makers with the technical skills to guide them through the ever changing film industry. This is a great initiative taken by Vinsan World who established the academy in response to the growing need for fresh film making talent. In the wake of Goa’s popularity as a film shooting destination for many famous directors and the recent eruption of Goan films, this is a great opportunity for young film makers to come out and join the academy to get better at what they do best.

The academy will have in house as well as visiting faculty consisting of well-established names in the film industry. Satish Kaushik, Anant Mahadevan, Nishtha Jain and Arun Gupta are just some of the well-established names from the film industry which will be teaching and interacting with the students.

The course, which will commence on 18th July 2016 will be covered over a period of 6 months. Everyone who has passed 10th standard and has a passion for films can apply for this course. The academy is specially designed to be of international standards and the syllabus is said to be on par with some of the top film making schools in the country.

The course will touch subjects like:

  • Story, screenplay and dialogue
  • Cinematography
  • Sound & music
  • Editing and post production
  • History of cinema
  • Film appreciation

The academy is already looking at expanding its courses to a full-fledged two year course with specializations by 2017.

Financing Scheme for film makers

The Goa Government recently said they would be launching a film financing scheme in Goa, to empower film makers. The scheme is awaiting approval. The scheme is expected to provide a boost to production of local films. After approval the scheme will be financed through the Goa Information and Publicity Dept. and implemented by Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG). The proposed scheme will ensure that the producer is financially benefited up to 40 lakhs after production of the movie. The scheme is also a boost for local artists as eligibility of getting financed under the scheme will totally depend on the number of local artists working on your project.  The producer will be financed only if 50 per cent of the film is shot in Goa and also 50% of the technicians working on the film should be Goan.

Know any budding filmmakers? It is time to spread the word!