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Bring Your Balcony to Life

With the ever increasing population and the ever shrinking living space in Goa, lush lawns, large verandas and lofty courtyards are turning into luxuries. We have to be content with the little space that we can afford to live in.

Balconies hold special places in our lives. It is our window to the world. A place where we can just lie down and gaze at the stars, indulge in gossip over a hot cuppa coffee, while watching the different kinds of people walk by on their busy daily routines. Basically a balcony is a place where you spend a lot of time, so why let your balcony be a dull one? A balcony should be decorated in a special way to show everyone how different you are from the mainstream boring white paint on the walls.

Creative ideas which will make people stop and stare

Vertical Garden: Getting a person close to nature increases the scope of him getting close to his inner soul. Wall mounted gardens in balconies is one way to do that. The price for setting up varies from Rs.700 to Rs.1000 per square foot. Choose your plants depending on how much sunshine you receive in the balcony. Make sure to water the garden regularly. Old bottles, buckets and jars can be painted and can be used as pots to plant saplings too! This will invite birds to your balcony, so be generous and keep a bowl of water for them.


Furniture: Maximum optimization of space is a must in the ever reducing size of the households. It is a must to optimize space without compromising on looks. We all love lying down on bean bags, but we all know they hog up a lot of space. Investing on furniture which is light, portable, contemporary and weather resistant is a plus point. Adding shelves will help save floor space that means more room for furniture! If you want to use your balcony for lazing around, reading and relaxing, a comfy ottoman will be a great idea. A small swing or hammock will add some charm to the balcony.

Lights: Tea lights can be used in abundance in your balcony for a warm, inviting look. They will also add a touch of festivity to the decor. Glow bulbs and fairy lights will add a romantic touch to the entire set up.

The following video shows how you can make some amazing cloud lights to add a nature-y feel to your balcony.

Invest on Basics: A little investment on the basic structure of your balcony will add to the charm of it. Using glass railings will give you a sense of openness. It is important to pay attention to the wall colour and flooring. Painting your walls green, yellow or white will give you a good feeling of closeness to nature. Also have scratch proof flooring as people like to drag stuff around rather than lift them.

Décor: The way you decorate your home says a lot about you. While decorating your house you shouldn’t leave out the balcony. Stick to the current trends of design and décor. Hanging lights will help in giving a warm and inviting look. It also adds a touch of festivity to the place. Glow bulbs and fairy lights will add a romantic touch to the entire set up.

Cushions and Rugs: Bright colored rugs and cushions will add richness and glamour to your balcony. Use an electric blend of colors like bright pink, blue, orange and green. A rug would help if you had a pet too, as they could sleep on it.

There you have it! Go start shopping and make your balcony the most loved place in your home. If you know any other ways to make your balcony a cool hangout spot then do write to us.

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