Bringing Eminent Goans In The Limelight


The Limelight Show is a new theme-based talk show that started airing on YouTube a few months back. It brings into the limelight, interesting personalities in Goa who have made a mark in their chosen field. It covers the success stories of people from various walks of life such as sports, wellness, music, dance, etc. It also showcases various exotic places and shopping destinations in Goa.

The show is the work of two amazing individuals – Surekha Pandit and Makrand Parab. Surekha, who is the host of the show, prepares the script for each episode, while Makrand, who runs SuperOmStudios, takes care of the video production of the show.

Surekha Pandit and Makrand Parab

Surekha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications. Despite having a background in computers, she altered her career path and became an air hostess. After her marriage, she took a break from her job and then opted for blogging as her future career path.

Makrand Parab is a graduate. He has worked on various Hollywood movie projects and TV serials as well. He has also worked in the animation industry for more than six years at one of the top animation companies in Bangalore. Apart from handling the production work of The Limelight Show, he also runs a business that provides cinematography services for weddings.

In each episode of ‘The Limelight Show’, Surekha indulges in a candid face-to-face conversation with a noted personality. She and her guest go out to a particular restaurant, café, shop or any new place that needs to be showcased and talk about the place and its speciality.  They also talk about the businesses’ upcoming projects or any social message they would like to share which could serve as a life-changing lesson for viewers. They also touch upon any other passion points that they may have. “So, basically, The Limelight Show is to discover the undiscovered side of Goa”, says Surekha. “We get sponsors on board for each episode of the show and do the marketing of their business in our episodes.”, she adds.

Surekha in a promo for The Limelight Talk Show

The first episode of the show went live in March 2022. The response that the show’s first episode received was amazing, says Surekha. “We got a lot of praise and appreciation for the concept of our show. We didn’t expect it, but we got more than 1000 views in just 1 day”, she says.

Surekha says that she had this idea since the past one year but wasn’t sure of the format in which she would be doing it. “Initially, I thought of doing it through my blogs, but since I am someone who enjoys being in front of the camera, I thought why not a talk show?”, she says. It took me 15 minutes to put all the pieces of this puzzle together in front of Makarand (SuperOmStudios) and he immediately agreed. And, we started working on the show from March”, she adds.

Surekha says creating quality content for the show is very challenging. “With a super good response to our first episode, people expect something new every time, and living up to their expectations is the toughest part”, she says.” Apart from that, it is also difficult at times to find sponsors for the show”, she adds.

Surekha says that the goal of The Limelight Show is to inspire people to achieve their dreams. She and Makrand plan to start their own studio very soon where they can highlight the lives of people in Goa more professionally.