Deepak Luthria has brought the Bade Miya styled delicacies in Goa. Aptly called Budday Miyan this all night stand alone will cater to the party hoppers, the insomniacs as well as those who crave for such preparations. The décor has not much to recommend it. But remember that the concept of a roadside eatery would not need many embellishments. The chairs and tables are comfortable, the chattai stitched haphazardly on the roof gives credence to a patched up gully style ambience. The signboard proclaims halal preparations, no pork or beef.

The menu boasts of a variety of preparations, mutton and chicken with a few fish items Lucknowi style. So as you look at the menu the choice of items roll from your mouth…Mutton Bheja, Mutton Kapora, Mutton Gurda, Chicken Baida Roti, Chicken Malai Kebab….Bade Miyan style. For starters choose from the kebab, the roll or the Roti (Baida) section. The mutton Shami Kebab is accompanied with mint chutney and sliced onions and chilies. Or perhaps the Chicken Roll (franky styled) with capsicum, onions and the tongue licking masala tawa fried to a slight crisp. For the non spicy styled meal opt for the Chicken Baida Roti, the filling (minced chicken and sliced egg) enveloped in quarters before being tawa fried to a nice crisp. For mains their USP is Mutton Bheja and with roomali roti is super smashing good. The Mutton Rogan Josh does not swim in rogan, but it’s definitely a recommended fare. It’s a great place to hang out in…. spirits and value for money choice of tasty preparations. So buddy… Budday is the place in the action packed area of Baga anytime of the night… Miya…miya… re.


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