Why Isn’t Burning of The Old Man in Goa A Global Tradition?

New Year in Goa is possibly the largest celebration of the year. So burning of the old man in Goa is something that you should get used to if you frequently land at this beautiful state during end of December.

Any excuse for a party – and New Year’s makes for a top notch one. There are parties happening everywhere, actually everywhere, you look. People dancing on the streets and bonfires on the beach, the clubs are hopping the crowds are moving, New Year’s in Goa is where it’s at.

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Although everybody follows the Roman calendar and accordingly every person loves to have a excellent celebration at the middle of the night on the 31st of December, there are these spiritual communities that connect a deeper value to the event. One such is the Christian community, the religious individuals of which welcome in the New Year with Midnight Mass.

Another fascinating subculture is the burning of the Old man.


At any different time of the year, the sight of an old man sitting in a plastic chair on the roof of a buildings watchman’s cabin would make a call to the cops.

As the year comes to an end, and Christmas and New Year season is in full force, Santa Claus is no longer the sole jolly old man coming to town. It’s the Old Man of the Year an effigy solely to be burnt at midnight on New Year’s Eve to mark the ringing out of the old and the ringing in of the new.

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As the New Year approaches, there is so lot to depart at the back of and let go of earlier than the old year ends. The stress of work, the negativity you confronted in the year, the awful thoughts and all the different difficulties that the year might also have considered are simply a few of them. The greater positivity you take into the new year, the greater it will deliver to you. And what higher way to do this than to carry in the new year by burning the old man.

Origin of Burning of The Old Man For New Year in Goa

While most people watch it take place nearly each year, the significance behind this tradition is known to few.

Made of hay and clothed, the old man represents all the sorrows of the year gone by that are to be burned away before the new year begins. Commonly referred to as Mr. Old Man or Old Man Gloom, the effigy burning symbolizes the burning of all the gloom the preceding year had. Originating in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the tradition dates back to 1924 and sees about 50,000 spectators.

People write notes expressing their motives for sorrow and region it round the man so that it burns alongside with him. Leaving no room for any negativity to be carried ahead into the subsequent year, the tradition is the perfect way to end the year and bring as much joy to the new year as is possible.

While most people carry in the new year with a party, this is one lifestyle you ought to take section in at least as soon as in your life. With all the negativity left behind, it might also simply cease up being the most wonderful year you will ever have.

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