Businessman Sanjay Palyekar stabbed on Mandovi Bridge

What actually happened? Accused fled with 1.95 lakh

Calangute businessman Sanjay Palyekar was allegedly stabbed by Anthony Rodrigues from Mapusa. The victim received a call at about 10-10.30pm from a known person on Wednesday according to his wife.

In an interview his wife said that Sanjay got a call from a person requesting him to give him some money at that time as it was urgent. Sanjay Palyekar deals in foreign exchange and is based in Calangute Goa. Anthony Rodrigues told him that his friend was leaving for Canada and required some money in dollars.

His wife said, “Usually Palyekar works only at his office and doesn’t deal with work related matters anywhere else. Since Anthony was a known guy and in need, he went in the clear intention to help him out.”


Palyekar completely unaware of Anthony’s intentions met him at the bridge and let him sit in the car as he felt it would be a safer place to give him the money. The door wasn’t even shut and the accused took out a knife and slit Palyekar’s throat twice after he told him the dollar rate.

As per sources, the attack was caused due to a business rivalry between the two. After getting stabbed, courageous Sanjay pushed Anthony out of the car somehow. People passing by noticed something wrong when Sanjay began to scream for help. Before anybody could get there, Anthony fled the scene.

The victim was rushed to Goa Medical College (GMC) at Bambolim. His condition is said to be very critical at the moment and is undergoing treatment.

The incident took place at around 11.30pm on Wednesday near Mandovi bridge, and the complaint has been filed by his wife, Mrs. Aparna Palyekar, in the police station, against the accused named Anthony Rodrigues from Mapusa.

Speaking to the media, Mrs. Paleykar felt that the attack was planned in advance, and the accused made use of the available opportunity for looting the victim. According to her, the accused stabbed her husband brutally. “He attacked my husband with the knife injuring him severely. He stabbed him on his neck, head, and back,” she added.

The victim is a well-known businessman in Calangute and has a very good reputation around. “The accused came with the plan of robbing my husband,” said the victim’s wife but when inquired with her about the existence of any financial dealings, she said that she has the text messages of the accused who was demanding the money from her husband.

Since no arrests have been made, the other side of the story is not yet known. Whatever the reason may be, the accused will have to pay a huge price for it. It was so serious that Sanjay Palyekar could have even lost his life.

The crime rate is on a rise in the state of Goa. Such incidents are increasing day by day. Isn’t anyone afraid of the Law and Order’ anymore? People stabbing each other have become a common thing now. This needs to stop!

What do you think should or will be the outcome of this tragedy? Will Sanjay receive justice?

Source: InGoaNews

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