In this corner of the state where the sun never seems to set, there is the Café del mar. Play, lounge, soak in the sun, dance, drink and eat. Simply put just let your hair down. What more can ask for when in Goa? Café del Mar is a place to unwind right round the clock. But at night, it buzzes with activity. Starts at 6pm. It would be a nice time to get ready to watch the sunset and order a chilled Daiquiri. Go for a walk on the beach and come back refreshed and relaxed for the next surge of activities. 8pm is dinner time. Splurge on the Indian or Goan – Pork Vindaloo is a sure winner. And as the music begins to seep into your senses let your hair down to the music and sway with gay abandon till the wee hours of the morning. Plan to do it the next day too? That’s what planners are for.

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