Its here to stay…. Bollywood is showcasing its culinary art in Goa. Partners Aditya Pancholi and Zulfi Sayed have added zest to the list of restaurants mushrooming in the state. A lone Lambretta stands in solitary splendor at the classy arched entrance, the concept behind the restaurant. It’s got class you will exclaim as you walk into the open air garden with its wrought iron furniture with its cushions in pink and blue. The menu the Scallopino de Pollo (the chicken breasts filled with gorgonzola sauce on a bed of seared spinach and carrots) with crusty batons of potatoes is excellent. Even the accompaniments have their own signature style, the potato batons crusty on the outside marinated and cooked to perfection within. The Lasagne with chicken bolognaise and a tomato concasse is excellent.

The pastas are all made in house and one can have a choice as their palate dictates. But the combo of the Chicken Bolognaise and Tomato Concasse plays havoc with the senses. Yes a great recommendation. From Risottos to their home made raviolis this season there will be Indian and Continental favourites too. Authentic Mughlai preparations include Kormas, Bukhara Mutton as well as the old favourite… makhani. Scoop the gravy with hot Tandoor Indian breads. The mix is awesome. And the desserts? Let’s refer to a saying on the place mats… ‘Your body is not a temple. It’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. ‘Yes from the enriched Panacotta to the Indian phirnis and gajjar halwa the food as discussed will be worth a second visit. Take the time to drop in there.


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