Local Goans are known for feasting and drinking so at the Holiday Inn and Café Mardi Gras is conceptualized for you. Step into the air-conditioned comfort and the warmth envelops you perhaps just like the atmosphere of the festival after which it has been named…the carnival festival in Louisiana, USA. The 24 hour coffee shop on the lower level of the hotel is always bustling at meal times. So dining at Café Mardi Gras is always a delightful affair the décor adds to the atmosphere Goa is known for – laidback and susegado. Despite that the staff are quick to pamper your whims – you can have a meal here at any time of the day or night. Goan cuisine is fusion, even before before fusion was invented. Portuguese cuisine was fused with a mixture of spices to create the taste. It has a sweet and sour element because of the vinegar and port wine introduced by the Portuguese.

So while the diner has a choice of European-style pastas and some North Indian dishes too, there are all time Goan favourites like the Chicken Xacutti, Pork Vindaloo or the world-renowned Goan Fish Curry. A special mention is the all time Goan favourite, the Panfried Pomfret Recheado, marinated with toddy vinegar and Goan Masala. It is simply delicious eaten with the Goan bread also referred to as Pao. There are fast food options too which include burgers, sandwiches and salads. Enjoy their hot and cold beverages to go with your meal. Sweeten that palate with the ice-creams and deserts. This coffee shop is a great place for a relaxing meal.


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