The One Huge Collective Way Not To Try Cake Mixing in Goa


A nip in the air with lights signal the heralding of the year coming to an end.

Christmas will quickly be upon us and the time begin now, to gear up for the festivities and the food feast ahead.

Weeks earlier than Christmas have constantly been a household time the place everybody met up on the jubilant occasion and got to soak all the dry fruits collectively alongside the spirit of Christmas.

These days hotels play host to patrons, to ring in the festivities to get one’s around dirty, with gloves though.

To combine a lot of fruits, dry fruits and the likes in a huge vat alongside with alcohol. Yes, it is the Christmas cake mixing in Goa ceremony, which commences around this time, about 6 weeks earlier than Christmas.

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While this is regarded to be exciting it additionally has religious importance – a lot of preparations goes into the process.

Did you comprehend – during the erstwhile times, an era long ago, the cake mixing ceremony used to, be a household affair. But the ‘inns’ which additionally did them on their premises viewed their guests to be family, so they too have been covered as a phase of the ceremony.

Fast-forwarding to this century, it has now emerged as a present-day camaraderie as part of ushering in the Christmas spirit.

Cashews, almonds, walnuts and different dry fruits alongside candied ginger, prunes, raisins, tutti fruttis, glazed cherries and an entire lot of different items are all the components of the cake mixture.

Let’s not overlook the freshly ground cinnamon sticks. All these combined in a vat with the aid of us keen folks contributed to the ‘spirit of the season’ with the rum, whiskey, wine and brandy to soak the combination in.

Come December and right here is the recipe you can create with the aged produce that you had stored locked off in a nook of your house, patiently ready until Christmas to get the best little Plum Cake.

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The age-old subculture of cake-mixing to usher in accurate tidings and happiness is an critical section of Christmas. Going through the common technique of getting ready plum cakes, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa celebrated its annual cake mixing on 22nd October 2021.

General Manager of this 5 Star Resort in Miramar, Gaurav Apte addressed the guests and introduced the commencement of the cake mixing in Goa ceremony.

Loads of cashew nuts, walnuts, figs, dry apricots, orange peels, almonds, cranberries, prunes, raisins and spices have been laid out all collectively in the heady concoction of brandy, sherry and whisky, as guests who had been gathered cheered on. The event, graced with locals and guests, mixing the components in merriment.

The cake mixing in Goa event was accompanied with high tea wherein in people loved the lip-smacking treats organized through its chefs.

The Goa Marriott Resort & Spa crew of associates had been excited to host this fun-filled vacation activity, heralding the onset of the new season.