Calangute the good, the bad and the ugly!

The famous Calangute beach has been a tourist favorite for decades now; it is also one of the largest beaches in North Goa. Attracting domestic as well as international tourists every year. The town gets very crowded during Christmas and New Year. The tourists love to spend their day at the beach as various activities like parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, boat rides, jet ski rides keep them busy!

The locals in Calangute have a very close connection to fishing; the elderly men of the village go fishing with their own boats. The bountiful fish would then be sold fresh in the local markets by the women. This tradition has been passed on from one generation to the other.

Everything’s available in Calangute

Calangute is loaded with hotels where tourists can find accommodation immediately. Restaurants are in every nook and cranny of the place with a vast spread of cuisines. The most delicious meals to satisfy your appetite and fill your tummy.


Let’s not forget the shops! You want something to take home as a souvenir, daily essentials, beach wear and branded stuff, they are all here in Calangute. The most in vogue style shops for the pretty ladies for shopping therapy or to bedazzle someone with the best outfits.

Calangute is surely a fancy and luxurious place to visit and spend the time. Though it is beautiful, everything has a conflicting side to its story. There maybe a few negatives, but are certainly enough to take a toll on the tourism industry.

Calangute is still growing; the infrastructure definitely needs a push. The roads leading to the main beach are damaged and need to be fixed. On the whole, the roads of the village need to be taken care of since it is definitely causing havoc.

On the other hand, Calangute is a place mostly for the richer class of people. The hotels and restaurants in the town are very expensive during the peak season. Getting small meal costs more than getting the same meal during the off-season.

Same goes for all the merchandise or any commodity. Calangute faces garbage and pollution issues regularly; this is another concern adding to the problems.  “Every time we come to Calangute it gets worse and worse!” said by a frequent British tourist.

If Calangute wants to really put itself on the map and have a good infrastructure it most certainly needs to buckle up and start working towards it. The standards are going down day by day and this is gradually affecting the tourism industry. People are thinking twice before coming, this was not the case in previous years. Steps need to be taken to improve the conditions in Calangute.

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  1. Not the same now I used to come to his three times a year but prices to high now was so lovely in 5 years ago mick from UK

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