Chaos in Calangute – Bus loads of Tourists

Earlier, large tourist buses used to be banned from entering the interior areas of Calangute during the peak season. But with the crowds thronging the beach-belt even during the monsoon season, the traffic cell decided to ban their entry to prevent traffic chaos.

Having witnessed massive traffic jams during this month, mainly due to the influx of domestic tourists. The Calangute Panchayat and Calangute Traffic Cell have once again begun banning the entry of big tourist buses into the interiors of Calangute. To make matters worse, the Ganesh festive season is approaching; officials expect the rush to get worse and more chaotic.

According to reports, the traffic police have instructed large tourist buses who are bringing in tourists from neighbouring states, to park on the CHOGM Road in front of the St. Alex Church. The tourists then either walk to their hotels or use the shuttle mini-bus service from the CHOGM road.


A large number of such buses from Gujarat and Maharashtra have been visiting the Calangtue beach-belt in recent days due to the long Independence Day weekend as well as Raksha Bandhan. Besides, domestic tourists are expected to flock the state in large numbers during the festive season of Ganesh.

 Lanes that yearns for attention

The Calangute roads heading towards the beach are narrow. The tourist buses are known to create congestion especially near junctions. Hence in 2012 the Calangute Panchayat had made arrangements for these vehicles to park in the fields opposite St. Alex Church.  These arrangements however, are only temporary during peak season. as parking space is limited and fields are cultivated. Further, many private parking spaces in Calangute have been converted into restaurants or have been developed by owners. Hence tourists and locals are forced to park at the corners of the already narrow roads either to enjoy a sumptuous meal or simply return home.

The coordination between the traffic police has improved tremendously, but Calangute is in desperate need for better traffic organization.

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