Calangute resident arrested for alleged blackmail and extortion

Calangute in North Goa has been a favorite of tourists for years. Most of Goa’s nightlife and popular restaurants are located in this very spot making it the place to visit all year round. There’s even a variety of hotels to choose from, ranging from the budget range to the extremely expensive. Of course, no place is perfect in every way. There are always seedy elements around the corner. And if the story in the news is anything to go by, one such element has shown itself. The papers reported that a local resident of Calangute was arrested for blackmail and extortion day before yesterday. Read on to learn more.

Extortion is a criminal offense

According to a news report from Goa Prism, the police arrested one Stanley Coutinho for extortion day before yesterday evening. It came to light that he had allegedly been blackmailing and extorting money from various restaurants in Calangute.

Extortion is a criminal offense by which money, assets or services are obtained from an individual or institution through compulsion or blackmail.


The report says that the police arrested Coutinho based on a complaint lodged by one of the businessmen who was targeted. The businessman filed his complaint with the Calangute police on 3rd July in the afternoon ending a 3-month long spree of extortion. The accused is said to have visited this restaurant, among others, on a regular basis. Especially when their owners weren’t around.

Complaints from the staff led to CCTV surveillance being installed and the guilty party was subsequently identified and arrested.

A quick arrest by the police

The police were quick to arrest this alleged extortionist that same night. Calangute PI, Jivba Dalvi said that Coutinho was working alone and that the money he extorted had been recovered. PI Dalvi has also requested people to file an immediate FIR if such extortions occur in the future.

Coutinho has been booked under section 451, 506 (ii) and section 386 of IPC. He has been registered for trespassing, threatening with dire consequences and extorting money by threatening to kill. Additionally, PI Dalvi said that there is no guarantee he won’t commit the same crime again. Therefore, the police are forwarding the case under section 107 CrPC to the Sub Divisional, Magistrate for further actions against the accused.

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