Cape Town Cafe

Cape Town Café


The hippest place in town for the young, the hep, the foodie and the clubbie. Yes, it’s none other than Cape Town Café (CTC), down Tito’s lane, Baga, North Goa. Where else? This famous bar is the most popular bet for a memorable night in Goa! Established in 2009 by the dynamic David de Souza of Tito’s and Mambo’s fame, whose family practically owns and runs almost every place on that block even Kamaki.  CTC having added one more feather to his cap.

Cape Town Café has revolutionised night clubbing in Goa with the best sound system in town and international/local guest DJ’s coming together to bring its guests a total clubbing experience. For the music lovers, they have their very own compilation of in-house or hip-hop music tracks by world famous DJ’s

Pic. Credit: Abdullah G

It’s not just a restaurant but a sports bar and a club serving Goan, Indian, and Continental fare. The lower section is large and airy with huge screens all over the place showcasing football, tennis, cricket, for those who want to sit down and chill. With happy hours throughout the week and great bargains on spirits, their mixologists will help you concoct your special brew with their awesome skills.

Nibble on snacks and tit bits or move on to something more substantial that the chefs have worked on. Start with the Crumb Fried Prawns or the Batter Fried Mushrooms. The pizzas especially the Cape Town special is to die for. Indulge on anything right from their Goan sausage pulao, beef tenderloin steak, barbecued pork chops, a variety of salads to curries and Indian bread.

It doesn’t matter if you are hep or need to be pepped. This Café is a place for multi-faceted fusion, a 3D style – drink, dine and dance. And remember this is an all night affair. Season or off-season there is always a reason to create a hub for a club and a pub. Enter Cape Town Café.