If one looks at the grand stately old houses dotted along the coast of Goa, the windows are framed by beautiful seashells. The mother of pearl shell is known as ‘Capiz’, which used to be for decorating lampshades, trays etc…and now the Capiz is found once again. Named after the shells commonly found on its beach in front of the hotel, this beautifully designed bar with its large, outdoor sunken lounge is an ideal place to enjoy the evening beverage. Try the Capiz…as local as it is named with Palm Feni and the citrus juices…pineapple, lime and a touch of green apple syrup. Or perhaps the Ginger Cosmo…Triple Sec…hang on a sec; that it’s the only spirit to the cranberry and res ginger combo. Want something stronger? Tequila and pepper Vodka with cranberry, orange and lime juice aptly called Pepper Eater.

And while on the subject of eating, the chefs can roll out a hot Vegetarian appetizer (Wonton sheets stuffed with cabbage, carrots, onions, glass noodles, mushrooms served with sweet chilli sauce) – the spring roll. Or blow cold with the Bruschetta (a sliced baguette with a brunoise of tomato, olive oil, parmesan cheese, goat cheese, cream and mayo). The chilli or cream of the chef;s secrets spices – blend just right with spirits playing havoc with your senses, the music a soft beat against the stillness of the night (there is an in house DJ who entertains guests with lounge music). And like the first blush of the rising sun it could be citrus Berry Blush, before you call it a night or morning. There are enough juices in this mix (orange, pineapple, strawberry, lime) to substitute for breakfast.

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Grand Hyatt, PO Goa University, Bambolim, Goa.


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