carpet of joy

Carpet of Joy- An installation by Doctor Subodh Kerkar


The Big Picture- Carpet of Joy

Museum of Goa (MOG) inaugurated ‘Carpet of Joy’, an installation by Goan sculptor Dr. Subodh Kerkar at Saligao Circle. It will be on display until May 30th, 2017.

It has flowers made out of 1,50,000 discarded plastic bottles. The main aim of this installation is to raise awareness against littering and promote the idea of a litter-free Goa.

carpet of joy

This creative concept is inspired by Israeli artist & architect Uri De Beer’s ‘plastiflora’. Uri de Beer is an award winning, multi-disciplinary artist and architect whose works range between the pragmatic and spiritual.

‘Plastiflora’ (plastic + flora) is a series of eco-art installations in which Uri de Beer is using plastic waste material, mainly used plastic bottles, to create a plethora of recycled synthetic vegetation.

Plastiflora floating bridge for peace on the dead sea- Uri de Beer

Dr.Subodh Kerkar says, “There is plastic litter everywhere. Even the educated and the rich litter shamelessly. This situation can only change with the education of our children; the anti-litter idea has to be inculcated from an early age.”

A viewing platform is created at the venue to see the big picture in a wider angle. In addition, a podium was also made and used to take an ‘anti-litter’ oath.

Carpet of Joy- a public eco art installation of painted plastic bottles crafted to appear as flowers, placed across 100 meters of field land near Saligao Circle. A row of ‘plastiflora’ to contrast the toxic and organic, assembled by 3000 local students.

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