The café which has been in existence since 1920 has risen to become a Casa.The original Café still remains but one must climb up a flight of granite steps to reach the Casa.Right in the heart of Panaji city,this restaurant is a boon for office goers as well as local families over the weekends.It’s the local diner,and fish is the mantra of the menu.However the variety does limit itself to prawns,squid and ladyfish.Many of the office goers are happy ordering a fish and ladyfish.Many of the office goers are happy ordering a fish Thali priced @ rs 150.But the la carte preparations seem good too so the order rattled off to the waiter was Prawn Hooman,the Amotik,Chicken Cafreal Shagoti and Crab Sukhem. All preparations are cooked in the Hindu Goan style…the thick yellow brown Hooman with its small prawns is reminiscent of grandmother’s cooking.Both Chicken Cafreal and Chicken Shagoti are tasty.

The Ambotik those who do not tolerate spice should keep away.The crab sukhem is the best.The dark brown masala seems into flesh of that crustacean and with every crunch and chew on the shell the flavors will play havoc with your senses.The Caramel Custard and the tender Coconut Pudding are two better desserts.The service seems quick and fast the ambience casual and comfy and the food just ‘as you like it’.A great place to hang around in when in the capital with food to tempt the local palate!


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