It’s picture perfect right down to the old black and white photographs at the entrance which have its own story to tell. The interiors of Casa Sarita are inspired by a colonial house, with the ornate windows studded with mother-of-pearl shells. The story of Sarita is almost legendary. You will still hear her name in picturesque villages, telling tales of Sarita’s Prawn Curry and the coveted ingredients in her prized Rechado Masala. The restaurant boasts of an attractive show kitchen decorated with an array of homemade pickles and spices bringing the excitement of cooking from behind the scenes to the table. The traditional Goan Music, subtle candlelight and warm welcoming hospitality adds to the flavour.

The restaurant beautifully amalgamates authentic flavours with minimalistic presentations. Start with the Rissois: Deep-fried pastry filled with minced prawns, served with tomato and garlic dip. Follow up with the Prawn Curry. This is signature Casa Sarita preparation and a must order. The ubiquitous Xitt-kodi (Goan Fish Curry) – silver pomfret cooked slowly with fresh coconut and dried red chilly gravy, mixed with rice is a filling and fulfilling repast. Another famous preparation named after the kaffirs (during the Portuguese era) – Chicken Cafreal, a legacy left behind both historically and traditionally. A new addition is the Portuguese Cataplana – Mixed Seafood Layered with Potato, Pork Chorizo and Coriander/Young Lamb, Pork Chorizo, Potatoes and Red Onion Braised Slowly in a Port Wine Gravy served on the table in a Cataplana dish (the same dish in which it is prepared) it’s a novelty to try.

To add to the novelty the restaurant also showcases the chef’s creativity through Goan inspired cuisine. The Chef’s modern interpretation of traditional dishes has given way to unique creations, Quail Cafreal with sweet potato bhaji and tamarind glazed shallot; Scallop Jere Mere, Mango and Chilli Sauce, Cabbage and Coconut Salad Roll, Sea bass Fillet in acrid lemon berry curry and Goan Rice and Crispy Pork Belly with Vindalho Jam and Rawa Sanna to name a few. The traditional alle belle is deconstructed to an alle belle parfait with semi dried coconut and jaggery sauce; a perfect conclusion to the repast. As is explained to the diner ‘Goan cuisine tells a story that is steeped in history. There is tradition and emotion attached to every dish. They offer their quests a medley of the piquant flavours associated with Goan cuisine, yet presented with creativity and innovation.’ Casa Sarita takes one on a journey…a culinary journey truly Goan inspired!


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