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This is place where you can see that they have retained many aspects of the past.It’s a local man’s entertaining place.Those who know Goa of the past are aware that in the 70’s on the steep slope of Mapusa there used to be a small house called Casa Bella.This little place used to serve the most delicious Goan snacks and spirits.There used to be Guiness and a St Paul girl beer called Severege in Portuguese.People would flock there every Friday after their purchases in the would flock there every Friday after their purchases in the market.Situated in the bylanes of Porvorim,this is a copy place to chill out with family.For starters try the wood-fired oven pizzas.The Balsamic Glazed Chicken with mushrooms,sun dried tomatoes,roasted bell peppers and jalapenos is their signature preparation.

Their is a fair selection of Italian preparations on the menu.And a sizable amount of Goan preparations on with health benefits too-old favourites like Prawn Balchao in the Goan pickled style hot red gravy,confirmed to be very high on vitamin B6, B12, Vc & Niacin,the Fish Ambotik prepared with Goan red chillies,tamarind & dry mangoes with promises as a good source of protein,selenium,sodium,vitamin B12 good in Niacin Too.The Chicken Xacuti-a spicy chicken curry made with roasted coconut,red chillies & spices-high on calories and low on fat.While from the multi-cuisine menu the Kadhai Chicken-cooked with onions,capsicum & tomatoes with fresh herbs and spices…promises protein and vitamin C, B6, High iron.Helps in health building too.

The famous Caramel Custard made of milk,egg yolk & sugar.Yes it is high on calories but makes up in sodium and taste.While the old fab Bebinca….with its variety of ingredients and layers…a suggestion stating that it is good for health if a small portion is consumed. How is that for the sweet lovers?For those on a budget,the place is moderately priced,local oriented,although their pizzas could be considered the chef’s special.

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