Cases pending in Goan courts have gone down by 13,000

National Judicial Data Grid on December 27, 2016 revealed that the number of pending cases in Goan courts have come down by 13, 000. During the last six months, the pending cases have come down to 47,501 upto December end as against 60,776. Goa seems to be benefitting from an initiative by the Supreme Court of India to track pending cases online.

On an average 900 civil and 1,300 criminal cases have been disposed off in Goan courts. A large chunk of these comprised of cases pending for two years. Amounting to around 7,000 of the total 13,000. The number of Cases pending for two to five years and five to ten years, currently amounting to 11,743 and 4,607 respectively, have been reduced by 3,000 cases each.

Goa had one of the largest number of pendency cases among the smaller states. This scenario seems to be improving fast. The state fairs better in terms of ratio of judges as against the population. Goa meets the criteria set by the law comission of 50 judges for a population of 10 lakh. It is due to the large number of cases being filed that leads to pendency.


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