Casino Motel Restaurant is the OG of restaurants in Porvorim

There was a time when Porvorim was just the median between Goa’s capital city Panjim, and the busy beach belt of the north. Nothing really happened in this part of town since it was mainly a residential area, however a lot has changed in the recent past. With trendy new pubs and eateries opening up in the area, Porvorim is now becoming the newest hotspot for Goa’s youth. But before all this started, there was one place that the locals could rely on, and still do, for some good, honest Indian and especially Goan cooking – Casino Motels Restaurant.

The OG of restaurants

Porvorim’s favourite hang out dates back to the early eighties, when there really weren’t too many options around. For the locals, Casino Motels Restaurant became a popular place to let loose in the evening over a couple of drinks, and some finger-licking snacks. Some of these snacks are still hot favourites even today since their menu really hasn’t changed much. You can get classics such as Stuffed Crabs and Fish or Veg Cutlets, or try some signature Indo-Chinese preparations like the Sesame Chicken or Chicken Lollipops – the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer.

Over on the main course side, while there are options from the international menu such as Chicken Meatballs, or Spicy Wings, the Goan cuisine is what most come for. The fresh catch of the day is served in a preparation of your choice, but the extensive fish menu has a vast selection of favorites. The mere mention of Modso Cheese Butter Fry, Mackerals Stuffed with RechadoShark Ambot Tik, or even Fresh Bombay Ducks fried is sure to work up an appetite. If you’re going around lunch time, be sure to try the thali.


A class apart

The restaurant may be decades old, but it has been maintained impeccably. A cursory glance online my throw up pictures of the menu from days of yore, lending a look that may come off as casual, but be warned, Casino Motels Restaurant draws a discerning crowd. Given the fact that they don’t really advertise much, the crowd it attracts has not changed drastically in the last few years. In fact, this hidden gem attracts a mainly local crowd. So if you’re in Porvorim looking for a taste of the old Goa, consider stepping back in time at Casino Motels.

For reservations, call 0832 2417781/ 2413131/ 2413456

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1 thought on “Casino Motel Restaurant is the OG of restaurants in Porvorim”

  1. It has been a family favourite for years. Many of the older generation that introduced us to this place have sadly passed away, but we make a visit at least once on every vacation. It is close by for us as our home is in Porvorim.

    The staff have been there for ages and though we are annual visitors, we are greeted and treated like regulars. They have excellent memory

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