All I got to do writes John Lennon of the Beatles fame, and that is the focus. All you got to do is let down your hair as you walk into that quaint old fashioned house in the heart of Baga. Come Together the same band sings in chorus, and that is the spirit of the place. The place is often packed to capacity both in the courtyard as well as in the cozy bar area, and at times as the King of rock and roll (Elvis) number sings Your Blue Suede Shoes, your boots could be rocking when one finds little place to swirl to a good live number. The enthusiasm creates the space for enjoyment. The 60’s and 70’s produced the greatest dance music – the Beatles, Elvis, Simon and Garfunkel. Perhaps that is a forgotten era. But here in this music loving state of Goa is a rocking place – rain or sunshine to keep one spirits alive in more ways than one. Marius Monteiro has kept the spirit of retro music alive with live bands performing three times a week.

It is a great place to hang on in especially with that well stocked bar. Rub shoulders with old friends. If after all that hectic activity hunger pangs start building up feast on Golden Fried Prawns or a Chicken Liver Pate on toast. Follow it with a Roast Chicken Peri-Peri which will boost your energy to erupt back again onto the dance floor. Or if it is chic that catches your fancy the Chicken a la Kiev will de-freeze with molten butter as it reaches your table. Old favourites to be savoured. After all that cheer and bohemenie, there could be the Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkie) as you walk down the darkened streets at peace with yourself. De-stressed after a night well spent, there is no need for retrospection, just great Retro Expectations.

0832 2276090/ 2277587
Cavala Beach Resort, Baga, Sauntavaddo, Calangute, Goa