CCTV cameras compulsory for shacks: move to keep tourists safe

Beach shacks have been an integral part of the Goan tourism scene for many decades now. Recently, the shack owners had asked the Goa government to grant them licenses early as the tourist season begins in mid-October.   As stipulated by the state government, licenses will not be given to beach shacks that do not install CCTV cameras in their premises.

“Beach shacks will have to have CCTVs installed in their premises. This will increase the security for the thousands of tourists who visit the state every year,” said Goa’s Tourism Minister Dilip Parulekar. (Source: NDTV)

Why CCTVs?

To deter any misdeeds from taking place, CCTV cameras need to be installed.  The cameras will record all activity taking place in the area.  In the event of any untoward incident occurring there, the camera footage can (and has been) used as evidence. Theses cameras have over the years helped to deter many criminals from committing a crime or in preventing it.


Increased tourist security

This year the state government has decided that all the shacks will have to compulsorily install CCTV cameras. Those who do not adhere to it will not be given licenses. Approximately 353 shacks will be affected by the decision. It has been proposed to increase the security of the tourists that visit the state.

Bad reputation

Some shacks in the state are known to be carrying out illegal activities. A few shack owners or employees working in some of these shacks are said to be pushing drugs to tourist. Keeping this in mind the state government has decided to take action and try to curtail the activities of these places.

Scarlett’s case

Recently, two accused in the murder of British teenager Scarlett Keeling were let off by the court. Scarlett was known to have spent time at a shack in Anjuna right before her death. The case went in the favour of the accused as a result of a witness turning hostile. She is said to have consumed drugs in the shacks premises.

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