Cecille Rodrigues Rosto Video

WATCH: Cecille Rodrigues parodies Lorna in a song about potholes in Goa


It’s not news at this point when it comes to the situation of the roads in Goa. The people of the state have been complaining for months about the terrible and dangerous potholes that are plaguing almost every road from the north to the south. The Government has acknowledged the appalling condition of the motorways and has even launched a WhatsApp number to facilitate the tracking of damaged roads that need repair. At this point, it should be noted that the number presently gets over a thousand pictures a day – enough to give anyone an idea of the frustration that the Goan population is facing. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has also given the PWD a deadline to have the roads taken care of, and only then will the Amended Motor Vehicle fines come into effect. So what must people do till then? The answer is simple, sing! And Cecille Rodrigues’ song Rosto has provided the perfect score as well.

Musical Madness

Cecille Rodrigues is no stranger to the Goan diaspora. This accomplished dancer and social activist has been extremely vocal on Social Media about everything from her own personal online harassment, to the Goan local taxi issues, and now she’s taking on the roads. In her latest video, she parodies the insanely popular Bebdo by singing sensation Lorna, but with a wicked twist. Cecille Rodrigues’ song Rosto is all about the deplorable condition of the roads in Goa, emphasising mainly on the pothole-ridden streets. The video features friends and family singing and dancing in and around the potholes, insinuating that one can swim in them, fish in them, and apparently, even drink tea from them! She’s even interspersed the video with newspaper cutouts and other viral videos.

A light take on a serious issue

Cecille Rodrigues’ song Rosto and its accompanying video is a humorous take on a very serious issue – but then again, for anyone who knows Cecille, they would know that she means well. The song is sung in Konkani and features English subtitles so everyone can understand the intent. The lyrics implore the Government to sit up and take notice of the plight of the Goan people, telling them that we voted them into power to take care of us, and they need to deliver. It also alludes to the fact that soon the tourist season is going to start, and this is not the impression we want to give visitors. The video has already garnered over a thousand views and is growing by the minute. While Cecille Rodrigues is credited with the idea, lyrics, singing, and dance choreography, Amrit Vatsa has shot, edited, directed and done all the visual and sound effects. Recording, mixing, mastering of the track has been done by Ryan Mark Mathias.

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