Come February and people come to Goa for a carnival,but this is carnival held throughout the year.From the well endowed chef at the entrance to the colourful mural on the wall that depicts the theme.From Elvis Presley with this gyrating moves to the Beatles foursome pasted on glass window…colourful and moving(nope the caricatures don’t move…it’s the feeling they evoke),the menu too is designed with the exotic,traditional and fusion cuisine…a carnival of cuisines.It is called Chilli n Spice where the ambience is warm,lively and foot tapping.A live bar to enliven your spirits…Order a mix of Tequila Sunrise.Whatever the time of the day the sun will shine when the Tequila,grenadine and orange juice has left the Barmens shaker and is imbibed by you.The mix of Vodka with crème de Cassis and Peach Schnapps will snap you out of the doldrums,aptly called Sex on the Beach.

The Tapas-the chef has worked on a creative variety for you.Try the Crab & Spinach Dip(a lavash combined with Garden Vegetables),then there is Hot Paninis accompanied with coleslaw,the pull of the flavor-Barbequed Pulled Pork with a jalapeno Pepper Confit and Sonoma Jack Cheese.It’s great way to while away the time.With the restaurant open throughout the day and year too,drop in for a pizza…a choice of 3 sizes.Sandwiched and pressurized in the heart of the city? Drop in for a sandwich-the Grilled Mutton,Ham & Cheese Quesadilla or the Toasted cheese(melted cheddar on faccacia bread).For the busy businessperson for a quick meal the lunch buffet- a mix of cuisines very economically priced and then there is the a la carte. The Cannelloni al caprino can insalata verde e salsa alle noci-quite a mouthful but a simple crepe cannelloni stuffed with goat cheese,herb salad and walnut butter. Go a notch higher with the Premium Smoked Salmon served with melba toast,Onion rings,capers,horseradish,Melba toast.

A great choice of soup too-zuppa di pomodoro all’origano ( tomato and oregano ) and the Butternut Squash Soup (a yellow coconut curry like preparation with basil and shrimp)From Italy comes the Lasagna vegetarian con salsa ai borlotti ( a vegetable lasagna) and the seafood pot pourri of calamari,and crab meat- Tagliolini Neri, Calamari, Polpa de Granchio,Piselli Pomodorini. The Risotto-Risotto agli spinaci con salmon ( Spinach risotto with seared salmon fillet and the Risotto Al Porcini ( with porcini mushrooms ),this sure is one of the few stand alone restaurant serving European food right in the heart of the city.From the chef’s special,the Red Snapper Flambe ( fish fillet with fresh lime and orange juice,celery and black pepper,flambéed with cointreau) one can find a small corner serving Malaysian,Chinese and Japanese too.Don’t feel desserted..the sweet corner does hold a special niche too.


From Crema Brucita ( Expresso Crème Brulee) to the Tao Huay Nam Khing ( Soft Tofu and Sweet Croutons in Ginger Water) should you wish to pander to your oriental palate,the sweetness of the finale is what will leave a lingering taste in your mouths,Right in the heart of Panaji,there is a restaurant which understands today’s fast paced lifestyles and ones needs to unwind and relax.This is one sure carnival of cuisine

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