Chocolates for all occasions! says Chocolatier Shreya Phaldessai


Making Chocolates is not everyone’s cup of tea. Nimble fingers, loads of patience, a flair for art and the ability to distinguish good chocolate, is what it takes. Shreya Phaldessai discovered this hidden talent within when her accounting career failed to ignite the spark she was looking for.

She began toying with the idea of doing something herself. Says she, “When I was working as an accountant I was not able to concentrate on my job. Every time I used to think I want to start something of my own; I want to be my own boss. Sometimes I used to feel why am I not able to achieve anything in my life? What am I doing here? So many questions in my mind and I was all confused.”

So Shreya decided to take a trip to Mumbai. “I took my mother and went to Mumbai just to find out what business I can start.” At that point the “bags business” seemed attractive “but again it needed huge investment.”

Still unsure of what to do Shreya would surf the net for ideas. “One day I was going through Facebook and I saw chocolates video.” This idea appealed to her and “the very next day I tried chocolates.” The results were awesome. Satisfied with the outcome of her handiwork she dished out the hand-made chocolates to her friends and family to taste. “They loved it!” she said.

“As the Ganesh festival was approaching, I decided to take orders for Ganesh Chaturthi. That year I did chocolate ‘modaks’ of around Rupees 25000/-. And from there, I decided to start my chocolate business – Chocolates Home Goa. Lord Ganesha had only shown me this path I believe.”

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“I have learned chocolate making on my own by watching Youtube videos, following the world’s top chocolatiers, reading online books etc.”

“I love to try new fillings, new flavours for my chocolates and give it for tasting to my friends and family.”

Dark chocolate bonbon with ganache and forest berries

“My backbones are my mother, husband, and grandmother. They are my pillars of strength. They encourage and motivate me a lot. They support me a lot no matter what.”

“I don’t have my outlet right now so I supply from home.” “Customers can give us loose chocolate orders if they don’t need boxes.”

“We take orders for different occasions like weddings, birthdays, engagements, baby showers, festivals like Christmas, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. We are also getting something really special this Ganesh Festival.” So hurry and book and call Shreya on Mob.9764656222 to book your orders in advance.

Chocolate bouquet – After eating the chocolates, you can keep the bouquet. 20 chocolates of either milk, dark or white chocolate

“I believe that whatever you do, do it with interest, no matter if you earn less. But if that job gives you happiness and satisfaction then please go for it. Life is very short so enjoy it to the fullest.”

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