Christmas Crafts To Keep Kids Occupied During Online Midnight Mass


With the winter season upon us and Christmas around the corner, it’s time to embrace the festive spirit of the season.

Escape the chilly climate with the aid of staying indoors and trying some cool Christmas crafts with your kid. Christmas crafts are an awesome way to entertain your little ones whilst letting them launch their creativity.

Once you figure out a craft to make, pair it with mild up until Christmas decorations to supply you’re domestic the whole satisfied Christmas feel.

We have 6 handy Christmas crafts for everyone needs to try


The whole family will want to get in on the fun when it comes time to make these simple tissue paper wreaths!

All it takes are a few basic supplies and a little bit of patience to create your own personalized Christmas wreath – add pom poms, sequins or glitter for a festive finishing touch! These wreaths are easy and inexpensive to make, and they make great homemade holiday gifts for the kids to give to grandparents!

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This Santa envelope puppet is so easy to make and the kids will have endless amount of fun the using it as a adorable puppet.

Kids can additionally use it to assist re-enact a favourite Christmas story or to assist sing alongside to their favourite Christmas carols.

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Inspired by traditional Scandinavian straw ornaments, these popsicles stick ornaments are the perfect weekend activity.

To make, paint popsicle sticks white and let dry.

Arrange matching sizes into an X-shape and glue them together in the middle. Arrange 2 X’s diagonally on top of each other to create a snowflake shape and glue in the middle. Let dry completely. Weave coloured embroidery thread around the popsicle sticks to create an X or grid pattern. Tie the thread at the back of the snowflake and trim any excess. Glue a ribbon loop to the back of the snowflake to hang.

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Ordinary white paper plates and a few easy craft materials are all kids want to whip up this lovable holiday project. Don’t forget to take lots of pics of the little artists wearing their snowman, Santa Claus, and Mrs Claus masks.

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These coasters are like mini rugs for your warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee. The quality parts?

You can effortlessly make them with this punch needle package using Hoop Atelier on Etsy. You can make somewhere from one to eight coasters that features a Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, gingerbread man, or wreath.

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If you’ve got extra mason jar lids laying around, this craft will be pretty easy to make. (You’ll need 15.)

Take two jar lids and attach them together by wrapping wire around the middle where they touch. Cut the wire and tuck it under itself so it doesn’t snag on anything.

Attach one lid on top of the two that are already connected with two pieces of wire wrapping around the bottom two edges of the single lid.

Repeat steps above with a row of three below the row of two, then a row of four below the row of three, and, lastly, a row of five below the row of four.

Wrap wire between each lid in the rows and, where needed, on the tops and bottoms of the lids.

String a decorative ribbon around the ornament top and tie it around the lid so it hangs in the middle. Repeat on all the lids. Tie a bow with the ribbon on the top of the lid ‘tree.’

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