What do Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida have in common?They both grace the wall of a special place called Ciao Bella.The place can be described as stark ( the black and white co-ordination of pictures, table cloths, flooring),warm and mellow ( the lighting, orange napkins and menu cards says it all ) trendy (café style table tops in one corner) and quirky too ( some lampshades in net with a make believe lobster perched on top ).But all in all owners Simona and Mario have created a designer effect to stimulate the senses.Walk into the red tiled restaurant,and you will see Mario moving around wishing his guests pouring the complementary after dinner homemade digestive,as he chats with you about the meal.The warmth engulfs you the moment you step in. Simona is in the kitchen and the menu is a designer’s dream too. Start with the Omaggio ( compliments of the house ). From Mario’s hometown Fritti alla Romona ( rice tomato balls stuffed with melted cheese,two cheese potato balls and fried vegetables )Those crispy golden brown preparations look and taste great.

Feeling adventurous? Try the Sardine Marinate. Simply prepared by soaking the fish for 24 hours in vinaigrette…. Grette cooking. Simona has few days specials up her sleeve.But the piece de resistance which will thrill most tastebuds is the Frittura di Pesce . Served on a wooden platter, the fried calamari and prawns with the crispy juliennes of vegetables tossed with rosemary and sage when crunched together you will give a sagely ‘Salute’ (pronounced sal-you-tae ).The designer meals are a gourmet’s delight Remember the restaurant is designed to focus on it concept.To add to the excitement Simona has introduced daily specials…..and there is something special about that meal.The Panna Cottais great,and as one leaves remember to say Ciao Bella ( goodbye beautiful one ).You are sure to go back for more.They remain closed on Mondays.

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